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Translation to 40+ languages

by Teratuning

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Job Description

Hi, one of our customers requested us to translate 2 files (1 .doc and the other .xml) about 6 pages.-
We need to translate the keys whithin them to 40+ languages.
Need your price per hour and languages ASAP.
Please contact us by private messages thru this site.

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Additional Information

  • Submitted On: 09/18/14 at 14:06 UTC
  • The languages to be translated are: ae Arabic cn Chinese Simplified tw Chinese Traditional dk Danish nl Dutch en English ee Estonian fi Finnish fr French gr Greek ht Haitian Creole il Hebrew in Hindi hu Hungarian it Italian jp Japanese kp Korean lt Lithuanian no Norwegian pl Polish pt Portuguese ro Romanian ru Russian sk Slovak si Slovenian es Spanish se Swedish th Thai tr Turkish ua Ukrainian vn Vietnamese Thanks, Teratuning
  • Submitted On: 09/23/14 at 12:07 UTC
  • Additional File: goitglobaldescription.docx
  • Just an explanation: We need to translate both (the .doc and the strings in the xml files) in attach.- Also we need to translate both files in ALL LANGUAGES.- Thanks, Carlos

Required Skills:

Programming,Translators & Interpreters


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