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Security for the Website

by GoitGlobal

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Since we are working with sensitive personal data we need to check & fix all the potential security vulnerabilities all over the site.

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  • Submitted On: 11/09/16 at 17:53 UTC
  • Just testing the edition for the project request.-
  • Submitted On: 11/10/16 at 13:01 UTC
  • Additional File: astropay.pdf
  • adding an attachment as a test.
  • Submitted On: 11/17/16 at 14:20 UTC
  • just test for editing project
  • Submitted On: 11/17/16 at 14:23 UTC
  • This is just a comment with an aphostrophe on it..I'm doing it now....
  • Submitted On: 11/17/16 at 14:29 UTC
  • another description with another apostrophe here, I'm doing again ...6 descriptions...

Required Skills:

Programming,Web & Programming


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